All Natural Herbal Magic Juice – Great for Cholesterol

I’m a big fan of natural foods and things that are naturally good for one’s health. Besides allergies, I had never had any real health issues until last year. My blood results came back with a triglyceride level almost four times what it was supposed to be. Considering I’m not a big sugar eater, my doctor was quite concerned about this. Not only were my triglycerides high, my B12 levels were well below the lowest norm. It certainly explained the fatigue and other strange issues that I had been experiencing, and since my diet was better than it had ever been, my doctor decided that myhealth issues all boiled down to stress.

Even though I had been taking oral B12 supplements, my body was not absorbing the vitamin and my doctor immediately put me on B12 shots. I started noticing a difference within the first week. But she was still concerned about my triglyceride levels and had me taking fish oil and red rice yeast supplements. Then I stumbled upon Magic Juice.

One weekend, my husband and I took a little trip one weekend to buy some produce from our local farmers. There was Jim Feldott, the Magic Man himself, giving out samples his homemade Magic Juice remedy. It wasn’t so bad mixed with tomato juice; in fact, it was almost like tasting a healthy bloody Mary. Looking at the ingredients and talking to Jim, he had us sold and we bought our very first bottle of Magic Juice.

During the first week, Jim recommends taking his product twice a day – just two capfuls at each dose. Jim’s Magic Juice certainly worked on cleaning out the impurities for both my husband and myself, and by the fourth or fifth day both of us were noticing a tremendous difference in our energy levels. After the first week, as Jim recommends, we only take Magic Juice once a day. When we ran out we noticed a huge difference in the way we felt.

After about three or four months of taking Jim’s Magic Juice, I went back to the doctor to find out my updated triglyceride levels. I was shocked to hear that my levels had “magically” gone from almost four times above what they were supposed to be back to normal levels! My doctor was thrilled and thought it was attributed to the fish oil (which was something I kept forgetting to take). I told her that it was Magic Juice, and she said, “Whatever works, keep doing it!”

Now I am a big advocate of Magic Juice and I tell everyone about it, especially if they are experiencing some ailing health issues. If you want to find out more about Magic Juice, this is Jim’s flyer. Click on the flyer so that you can read more about Magic Juice, it’s ingredients, and how to order it.