Random Thoughts on Shitty Emails

I woke up today intending on actually getting some creative thoughts down instead of venting and ranting about the world around me. I took the dog for a walk, had my coffee, thought about going down to the river to do some hand-written writing with my notebook. But I checked my email and it changed things up a bit. I guess I’m still cleaning out my head in my daily journal writings so I can get rid of all of the bullshit thrown at me.

My brother emailed me. This is the brother that hasn’t spoken to me in over a year, and even before that he had a stick up his ass and didn’t speak to me much. He is very different from me and my other brother. He and my other brother are twins, but very opposite. One is fun and gay, the other is a douche. This morning’s email was from the douche. Although he claims he doesn’t like drama, he manages to involve himself by putting his nose smack in the middle.

In his email, he stated how much he hated me and that he would spit on my grave with a smile. (Such pleasantry, isn’t it?) He also went on to say that I would never meet his wife or daughter, and he didn’t forget to mention that he wipes his ass with my book.

What I did was make him think that I never got the email. I did a fake “undeliverable” message and sent it back to him. He’s not smart enough to figure out it’s fake, but he must have received it, because now he’s sending text messages to my daughter and asking other family what email I’m using.

I’m not going to answer him, at least not directly. Instead, I’m going to do it privately and not send it to him. There is no point in ever answering anything my negative family says, because no matter what, I am always wrong, at fault, the problem, etc… It took me over 30 years to realize that, which is why I wrote the memoir. And even though I changed names in the book out of respect to protect their privacy, I am still wrong. But I’m okay with being wrong. That’s there problem, not mine.

Susanna’s Homemade Dandruff/Eczema Hair/Scalp Oil Treatment

I came up with this recipe when I was having problems with an itchy scalp (or eczema, which I think was caused by something I ate). But this was a relief, and it made my hair and scalp feel and look great.

First, dissolve 1 teaspoon of sea salt in 2 tablespoons of water. It only takes a few minutes, or seconds if you use hot water. Let this sit.

The rest of the ingredients:

1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
2 drops lavender oil
2 drops eucalyptus oil
3 drops tea tree oil
2 drops rosemary oil
1/2 tbsp jojoba oil
1/2 tbsp almond oil

Mix all of the oils and apple cider vinegar together. Add the sea salt water. Carefully rub this into your scalp and hair. This will burn your eyes, so be careful! Once you have it rubbed in, use a shower cap or plastic grocery bag to keep from dripping. Leave it on while you take a bath or clean the house, a minimum of 15 minutes.

Thoroughly rinse. Again, be careful not to get this in your eyes. Use your regular shampoo to get out oils. The vinegar will stink a little bit, so it’s probably best to do this when you’re not going to be somewhere anytime soon. It will take two washings to get the vinegar odor completely out. I suggest the second washing on the following day so that the formula has a chance to work well. But the result is great!

A Perfect Day at the Beach

The beach is one place that soothes my mind. Yesterday I observed a family of dolphins – two adults and two babies – rolling along the river. It made me smile.

I watched cormorants poke their heads in and out of water and a pelican patrolling its territory up high on a sign. Other pelicans joined the other floating birds, their constant smiling faces and large, round blissful eyes telling the world there are no worries.

There were people and dogs, children and fisherman, silvery fish flopping out of the water, airplanes flying in formation, and jellyfish being washed ashore.

And although there were puffy clouds in the sky, the sun shone brightly.

It was a perfect day.

Highly Recommended Restaurants in New Smyrna Beach, Florida Area

I’m really big on helping out locally owned businesses, because I think it’s important to share goodness within the community. And thanks to food allergies, I have to be very picky about what and where I eat. (Plus, I like good food!)

Here are some of my suggestions for restaurants in the New Smyrna Beach, Florida area:

SoNapa Grille – This place is just amazing all the way around. It’s probably one of the classier places in the area with excellent appetizers and entrees. I highly recommend trying any of their flatbreads; they are delish! If you’re into specialty drinks, my personal favorite is the Taylor’s Refresher.   http://www.sonapa.com/

Gnarly Surf Bar & Grill – The appetizers are great, the atmosphere is great, and best of all, one of Hell’s Kitchen season 5 winner Danny Veltri is the chef! Sit inside or outside in the breeze. Not your typical bar food! They don’t seem to have a website yet, but they are on Facebook.

The Patio – This place always has a great menu selection. It’s also a great place for a date. It’s small, so on weekends or holidays you might need a reservation.

The Garlic – I believe this is the first restaurant I ever ate at in NSB. Lots of families go here, so do couples. They have entertainment and a variety of everything. Especially good is the seafood, pasta, and everything garlic.

The Upper Deck Bar & Grill – Although small, the Upper Deck’s menu and location makes up for it. Located above Boston’s Fish House, the Upper Deck has indoor and outdoor seating, a wide variety of surf and turf menu choices, a kid menu, and a full bar. The Lounge is located below the restaurant with a full bar and bartenders happy to see you. Personal favorites: the bruschetta appetizer, ciopinno, filet mignon, and pan seared scallops. Open nightly for dinner, lunch on weekends.

Shiki at the Beach – By far, this is my all-time favorite sushi restaurant I’ve been to – ever! No other sushi restaurant can match Shiki’s unique flavors. At other places, many sushi rolls all taste the same, but not at Shiki! I have too many favorites to list, but Shiki’s age tofu and tuna salsa appetizers are wonderful. For sushi, the Mermaid, Almond Mango Lobster, Double Decker, and Iso Maki are just a few of my faves. They even have a chocolate dessert roll with strawberries! Shiki also carries traditional rolls and Japanese entrees. Service is always spectacular! Open for dinner. Their menu can be seen at All Menus:

Bombay Grille – Just a few miles north of New Smyrna Beach is a little Indian cuisine restaurant on the southern end of Daytona Beach. Bombay Grille has daily lunch and dinner buffets, but unlike most buffets, theirs is fresh and unique. The buffet is great for someone who doesn’t know what they want and would like to try a little bit of everything. They also have regular dinners. Everything has just the write amount of spice, and service is great. You can download a menu on their website:

Understanding Writing Moods and Mode

I guess it’s difficult for non-writers to understand writers. I get into these writing moods in which all I want to do is write. I have ideas flashing through my brain faster than I can record them. But once I start to sit and write, I am in writing mode.

During writing mode, I need peace and quiet. I zone out everything and everyone. It’s like the antivirus scanner on a slow computer – nothing else can run until the scanner is done. I get frustrated at interruptions, because after all, they stop my train of very important thoughts. I tend to forget to eat, what time it is and often find myself still sitting in my pj’s and drinking cold coffee at noon because I am so focused on my work. Phone? Arggghhh… hi, what do you want? Laundry? I did it last week, maybe you should buy more underwear. Dinner? Forget it. I’m busy writing.

Then there are the neighbor’s barking dogs that make me want to scream. The truth is, a few times I have yelled – loud enough for the neighbors to hear, “it’s time to put the house up for sale since no one around here knows how to control their animals!!” (Seriously, these are bad dog owners!)

And then there’s those subtle interruptions… the ones that are quiet but still annoying. An inbox full of much of nothing since we writers sit at home “playing around” on the internet all day ;p

I get into writing mode and I don’t want to stop. It’s like going 100 miles an hour around the world, and whatever gets in my way is doomed.