Understanding Writing Moods and Mode

I guess it’s difficult for non-writers to understand writers. I get into these writing moods in which all I want to do is write. I have ideas flashing through my brain faster than I can record them. But once I start to sit and write, I am in writing mode.

During writing mode, I need peace and quiet. I zone out everything and everyone. It’s like the antivirus scanner on a slow computer – nothing else can run until the scanner is done. I get frustrated at interruptions, because after all, they stop my train of very important thoughts. I tend to forget to eat, what time it is and often find myself still sitting in my pj’s and drinking cold coffee at noon because I am so focused on my work. Phone? Arggghhh… hi, what do you want? Laundry? I did it last week, maybe you should buy more underwear. Dinner? Forget it. I’m busy writing.

Then there are the neighbor’s barking dogs that make me want to scream. The truth is, a few times I have yelled – loud enough for the neighbors to hear, “it’s time to put the house up for sale since no one around here knows how to control their animals!!” (Seriously, these are bad dog owners!)

And then there’s those subtle interruptions… the ones that are quiet but still annoying. An inbox full of much of nothing since we writers sit at home “playing around” on the internet all day ;p

I get into writing mode and I don’t want to stop. It’s like going 100 miles an hour around the world, and whatever gets in my way is doomed.

2 thoughts on “Understanding Writing Moods and Mode

  1. Exactly! I get in my writing moods late at night, most of the time. I'm up until the wee hours of the morning in order to get that uninterrupted time alone to get the thoughts out of my head and eventually, hopefully into the head of my reader.

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