Greatest Italian Restaurant in Port Orange

Not Genovese’s, but Wikipedia.

I’m not supposed to eat cheese, but when it comes to Genovese’s Italian Cafe in Port Orange, I can’t help myself. (I get takeout and bring it home so I can deal with the cheese consequences at home with a nice bottle of Benadryl.) I like it so much that when I finish, I wish I had more. I’m a huge fan of their cheese ravioli and homemade meatballs. I recently tried their homemade Tiramisu for the first time. Delicious!!

I’ve been going to Genovese’s since I was a kid. It was a tiny hole in the wall years ago, but they always had the best pizza. Plus, it was right near to the beach and an easy place to stop on the way home. Now it’s grown into a much nicer place with more menu options.

I know when my friend who works there reads this, he’s going to have to laugh at what I’m about to say. The last time I got takeout, I opened the salad that comes with the ravioli and immediately thought of this Family Guy episode.

Update – May 9th  – After reading this, my friend carefully put yesterday’s takeout salad separate from my hot ravioli. He also highly encouraged me to let everyone know that his salad is not like “Every Pizza Place”. 😉

Not “Every Pizza Place” Salad

Another Bad Hair (Dye) Day

I decided to go a little lighter with my hair for the summer and thought of highlights, but I don’t care for the high cost and maintenance of highlights. I normally use L’Oreal hair dyes, and I’m pretty good at picking out the right colors so I don’t end up having to go to a professional. L’Oreal has put out some new “Sunkissed Caramels” on the market that are supposed to make hair appear to be “sunkissed” or somewhat highlighted. This one, called “hi-lift  gold brown” is specifically for dark hair – dark brown and black – and promises no brassiness that boxed dyes often do to dark hair.

I thought that this $7.99 deal was the answer to the expensive and high maintenance highlighting issue. What my hair turned out to be was nothing near what the box promised. Brassiness didn’t even begin to describe my new ‘do. I could have passed for Mrs. Ronald McDonald.

Luckily, I was able to cover this one up with a neutral dark brown the following day. Loreal Sunkissed Caramels for dark hair? Unless you want this to happen to you, I would rate this as highly NOT recommended.

Vegetarian Beans Without Meat! (Really)

(**Note: An article in Forbes about Kobe beef being sold in the U.S. as not being actual Kobe has raised a lot of issues about consumers being lied to. Not only is it unethical for companies to claim something on a label that is completely false, but it is outright fraud and should be treated as so by the U.S. government.)

Sometimes labels can be so truthful that I find myself laughing out loud in the grocery store. As a matter of fact, there was a man standing next to me wondering why I was doing so and taking a picture of this can of beans. I told him what I saw, and at first he didn’t get it until I repeated, “It’s a can of beans with no meat.”

If you saw a label like this one you’d laugh, too! Who do they think they are kidding? Do they normally sell canned beans with meat?