Summer reading list all about Dysfunction

I’ve been considerably busy lately, but I’ve managed to do a lot of reading. The field of psychology has always intrigued me, so I enjoy reading stories and memoirs about other people’s mental illnesses and family dysfunction.  I started reading a series by author Ellen Hopkins. Written in poetic style, but still read like any other book, I could easily finish her 500-600 page memoirs in a few days. Crank is the first of a series loosely based on the author’s teen daughter’s drug addiction. Glass is the book following her daughter’s downward spiral. I enjoyed both books, and now I’m onto a third written in the same form but not a part of the series, called Identical. Normally I mainly read nonfiction, but Hopkins makes it interesting enough for me to stick through it. Apparently, her books are popular with teenage girls.



Another great memoir I finished recently was Loud in the House of Myself by Stacy Pershall. The author tells her story about being bipolar and all of her crazy actions and bad decisions, and over time she heals herself with tattooing. If you’re like me and you like psychologically dysfunctional characters, you’ll like this book. Pershall is very candid and doesn’t hold back.

Ex-Gong Show host Chuck Barris wrote a memoir, Della, about his daughter’s downward spiral into drug addiction. Della died of an overdose in her mid-30s after living a life of being bipolar and addicted to cocaine and alcohol. A sad story, Barris’s own struggle with his profound guilt of being a “shitty father” was quite apparent from the very beginning of the book. The first half of the book is a little slow and somewhat boring, but the last half is more interesting and worth the read. This is what spoiling your children with material things and money can do instead of simply showing them love.


5 thoughts on “Summer reading list all about Dysfunction

  1. As a psych major that loves to read, I’m definitely in the same boat as you, interestwise.

    If you’re interested, some great memoirs about mental illness, or other dysfunctions that I’ve read recently are–The Glass Castle, Manic, and The Dark Side of Innocence.

    I haven’t read the memoirs you mentioned–I’ll have to check them out!

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