Applying for Jobs Sucks

(NOTE: This and several upcoming posts were written several years ago when I was married. I thought it would be fun to share them. This one in particular was written during the recession.)

Applying for jobs isn’t what it used to be. You can’t just “pound the pavement,” walk into a place, and hand them a resume with a smile on your face anymore. It’s a daunting task of all of this online bullshit filling out applications on multiple sites AND uploading a resume, creating usernames and passwords for each site. It’s a full-time job in itself.

One of the worst parts about it is after being self-employed for several years, no one wants to hire you. NO ONE. And it gets even better – getting offered minimum wage jobs that require a master’s degree level of knowledge and years of training and experience. What fucking bullshit! It’s insulting to anyone with my education, experience, and expertise. Not to mention they offer the same amount to someone straight out of high school. How can employers live with themselves treating people this way? Then, of course, there’s the waiting game. Waiting to hear back after an interview or applying – which oftentimes leads to silence or the runaround.

The hub wants me to get a job immediately, as if I can wave my magic wand and make it happen. (If my magic wand worked, he’d be silenced.) He thinks I should get a job in an office that requires me to dress up and act professional for $10/hour AND happens to offer benefits. Little does he know that those jobs require entire new wardrobes in which the cost exceeds the first two paychecks. Little does he know that most jobs in our area do not offer benefits. And little does he know that the money I will be making will be so small it won’t even be worth it for me to go to work after the taxes, gas, etc. He is fucking clueless. But eventually, he will have to learn the hard way.

Besides, I still don’t want to work for someone else. Once you’re self-employed and making $75-150/hr part-time, going to work under someone else’s schedule for $10/hr doesn’t cut it. But he’s a dumbass that thinks he knows everything. I’m sure whatever new job I may find will put us over an income bracket of paying more taxes, which totally defeats the purpose of me finding a job away from the house. He doesn’t have a frigging clue what the recession actually means, because he’s used to getting a check from the military.

Honestly, I think the hub is jealous of me. I’m a lot more educated than he is, and I think it’s important to like what you do for a living. Plus, I can make a lot more than he can (and when I do, I literally have to hide it so he doesn’t spend it). Just because he chose to settle for something else isn’t my fault.

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