Interview with a Chaotic Christian School

Since I have a background in education, I figured maybe I’d try working at a school office. Plus, I figured because of my background, they’d prefer to hire me over someone else. But I guess it doesn’t work that way anymore.

I saw a few jobs posted, so I applied for one at a Christian school and got an interview. First, I wouldn’t choose a Christian school to work at, but when your husband is all over your ass about finding work, you do whatever. I figured maybe the kids are better behaved, since it’s a Christian school, or maybe the people are nicer, and I like the hours.

It turns out there was more chaos at this school than I’d experienced in my previous years at public schools. I wasn’t sure what to think. It was owned by a bible belt looking husband and wife, and they seemed nice, but the husband touted how much of a “man of God” he is. UGH. Then the end of the interview was weird.

The husband told me I’d hear from them on a Friday, and the wife cut him off and said, “NO! I have things to do Friday, you’ll hear from us on Monday after I’ve checked your references.” How uncomfortable!!

Monday rolls around and I didn’t hear anything. Nothing Tuesday, nothing Wednesday. School is already in session, but they can’t make a decision over who they want to hire? I sent them an email and the wife emails back saying she’s still looking at candidates. Now I’m getting bad vibes and I’m thinking my references are great, but what about theirs?

It turns out I should have done my research before wasting my time with this chaotic Christian couple. They used to own a voucher school in the northeast and got shut down after several charges against them. Weird shit, too. One of the charges was that they served orange cool aid instead of juice and ramen noodles with hot sauce, which did not qualify as an approved lunch. Then they foreclosed on their home, fled in the middle of the night, moved here and started a new school. But it gets even better!

The new school had more violations – a suspended license for falsifying parent signatures (wouldn’t that be a felony??), stealing an employees identity, serving expired lunches, not keeping up with the federal paperwork requirements, etc. These are the same types of schools that get government money.

But I didn’t apply with that school. They closed that school and opened one under a new name, like most scam artists do. It’s been 3 weeks since the interview, and I haven’t heard back. But the husband still thinks I should pursue this, because he’s clueless when it comes to working at chaotic places like that.

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