Customer Reviews

From Barnes and Noble:

5 Stars: A page turner! All I can say is that this book is a page turner! I couldn’t wait to find out what happens next. This story is told from a child’s point of view in first person, and done so eloquently. Her descriptions of people, places and events made me feel as if I were right there in the story. I love how the book begins at one moment and then takes you back in time so that you get a history of events, then brings you right back to the present moment. The ending was fantastic! This book gives hope to children that find themselves in difficult situations. As for adults, many of us can relate to the abuse that Susanna endured.

From Amazon:

5 Stars: A wrenching account of how childhood should not be – This book is both difficult to read and hard to put down. I grew up with someone very much like Susanna, and it was painful to see, in writing, exactly what kinds of things this girl went through. When you’re a child, and your friend tells you that things are bad at home, I don’t think that you can really comprehend exactly what they mean unless you’re going through something similar. I hope that writing this book was a cathartic experience for the author, and I hope that reading it will benefit those who are either going through these kinds of situations currently, or have experienced this type of upbringing. Perhaps we all need to be made more aware of what goes on beneath the surface for children who have, shall we say, less than ideal home lives. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in delving into that subject.

5 Stars: UNHEARD SPEAKS VOLUMES – Unheard is one woman’s personal memoir of self discovery. Written with raw emotion and honesty, she tells us stories of her life colored by changing circumstances and false structure placed upon her. The author describes her childhood to adulthood with compelling clarity. Somehow among the storm she always knew her voice was her safe harbor. Within words she has taken sail, taking readers on her journey with her, her voice a light in a dark night. This book once opened is hard to resist and hard to put down. It is a must read, and I look forward to more works from this author.

5 Stars: compelling, funny, heart-wrenching – This is a fascinating story told in first person as a young girl navigates her way through a tumultuous childhood with 2 sets of unpredictable, yet sadly predictable, parents who choose addictions and outlandish religious beliefs over her best. I had a hard time pulling myself away from this book as I was pulled into her world and found myself cheering her on through her struggles and laughing at her young wit and brazen attitude.
A must read for pre-teen girls all the way to adults as everyone, male or female, can find themselves and relate to someone, maybe even Susanna, within this story of survival and strength.

From Lulu:

5 Stars: Thought provoking and gut wrenching in some places; this book is one you want to read in one sitting. Susanna is the underdog that we all cheer for as a reader and you can’t help but want to read the next page and the next to find out what becomes of her. Does she triumph in the face of adversity and calculating abuse or at least break free of the demons surrounding her young life? This honest re-telling of the authors childhood, as told from a child’s perseptive, and emotions brought tears to my eyes in some moments and laughter in others. It is a must read for children, in my opinion age 10 and up, who will find themselves somewhere in it as Susanna recalls her friendship/acquaintance experiences; both good and bad. It is a great book for any age adult as well and tugs on your heart strings while it reminds you of someone, at some time, in your own life.

5 Stars: This is a well written book. It gives insight about the struggles and abuse in Susanna’s childhood growing up. She doesn’t sugarcoat the details, she tells it how it happened. Her story gives hope and inspiration to so many others who have gone through similar instances during their childhoods. Also this story can help give strength and courage to children being abused today.

5 Stars: This is a must read. I couldn’t put it down! Susanna’s story is gut wrenching, yet therapuetic and brings to light the struggles that many young girls go through without being heard. I would recommend that any woman or teenager read this book, if only for the fact to know they are not alone. Susanna, I can’t wait for the next book!

5 Stars: I couldn’t put this book down! Unheard is an eye-opener for anyone with middle-school aged children. Susanna Hartigan’s story is told the way she sees it as a child, and the reader will notice the voice changes with age. This is a great book for the self help category for all age groups.

5 Stars: A great book that will make you appreciate what you have, even if it is very little that you do. This book is well written and heart wrenching. A story that is told like it is from her eyes. A great book, 5 stars.

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